Tech Resources for Online Learning

Picture of a student doing their coursework on their laptop while laying down.

Your instructors will let you know how your class goals will be accomplished with online learning. They have been working with their Departments, and campus instructional technology resources to continue to make learning available to you.  

Below are the technologies and resources commonly used at the University of Arizona. If you will have difficulties fulfilling class requirements, discuss your options with your instructor 

Learning Technologies

Because each class is unique, your instructor may choose to use different technologies. The following technologies are commonly used.

D2L (Desire to Learn)

A central online hub for a class. Instructors may be adding audio/video, reading, quizzes, and other class activities here.


Collaboration and Storage


See Self-Help How-To's for VPN, Zoom, Sophos, Adobe, and Microsoft.

Students on Tucson, Sierra Vista, and Phoenix campuses:

  • UAWiFi is expected to continue without interruption.
  • You are welcome to be on campus, as long as you maintain 6 foot distance from everyone else and do not gather anywhere with more than 4 people in a face-to-face setting.