Change NetID Password

Use This Process ONLY If:

 ♦ You know your current password
 ♦ Your password has not expired

1. Go to

2. On the "Manage account settings" tile (the second tile group), click the Change Password button.

3. Log in with your NetID and password.

4. The box for "Proceed without enabling the NetID Passcode service" box is checked by default.

  • Note: The recommendation is to retain the default setting.

5. Click Next.

6. Please read the Terms and Conditions Agreement, then click Next.

  • Note: When you check both boxes, which you must do to proceed to the next step, you are attesting that you have read and agree to follow the information contained in the links on that page.

7. The Password Instructions explain the importance of selecting a password or passphrase that is “Easy 2 Remember!” and “Hard 2 Guess!”

  • Changing your NetID password affects various logins at the University. For more information please read the section on that page for CatMail Users (generally student email) or UAConnect Users (faculty/staff).

8. When you're done, click Next.

9. Choose your password using one of two methods:

  • Click the Generate password button to obtain a completely random string of characters to use as your new password.

  • Choose your own password or passphrase. Use the suggestions on the Choose Password page to select a strong and secure password.

10. Enter your new password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields. As soon as you click Next your new password is set.

  • Note: If the password is not strong enough the system will force you to choose another and the strength of your password determines when it expires. The Next button is only clickable once the New Password is strong enough and the two password fields match.

11. The Confirmation provides important information on updating your password in all applications and on all devices, with examples of the most common ones.

  • Note that you have a 2-day grace period to make changes. “Forgetting to change to the new password…could lead to an account lockout as an application tries to connect.”

Working Remote: The first time you log on to the VPN, you need to use your old password. After this, subsequent access to the VPN uses your new password.

If you still have questions, please contact the 24/7 Support Center at