Purchasing Feitian OTP c100 token directly from Feitian

Complete the Feitian order form

When you purchase your OTP c100 token directly from Feitian, you receive 2 emails containing data needed to enroll the token in NetID+. These instructions walk you through purchasing your token from Feitian, and unlocking and understanding the data received in email.

To purchase:

1. Navigate to the Feitian webpage at https://shop.ftsafe.us/products/otp-c100-h41.

2. Enter your email address in the Seed Delivery Email field. Leave all other fields at their default settings.

Unlock the Seed Value sent by Feitian:

Feitian will send you 2 emails. DO NOT DELETE OR LOSE THESE EMAILS!
The first email, with the subject "otp info", will contain a zip file.
The password needed to open this zip file will come in the second email with the subject "unzip info".
Note: Your token will be unusable without the data contained in the zip file.

1. Open the zip file and enter the password (receievd in the second email) when prompted

2. The text file (found inside the zip file) contains two values, separated by a space.
The first value is the serial number of your token (also printed on the back of the token).
The second value is the token's "seed" — enter this in the "Seed Value" field on the OTP c100 enrollment form.