Install Office 365 on Your Computer

The Office 365 apps (e.g. Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) can be used directly from the website without downloading to your computer. These instructions are only needed if you need to have access offline.

Important: If you purchased a personal copy of Microsoft Office 2019 it’s recommended you do not download the Office 365 version to your computer. If you download Office 365 to your computer after downloading your personal copy, Office 365 will delete/override the 2019 version.

For Mac OS users: You must be on the current macOS or one of the two previous versions. The Office 365 download is not compatible with versions any older than the three indicated.

1.  Login to Office 365 at

2.  Click Install Office.

3.  Click on the Office 365 apps link.

4.  A page with downloading instructions and OfficeSetup.exe is now downloading.


5.  Follow the steps provided on the screen to complete the download and installation.

Visit to learn more about the various apps you now have available on your computer.